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A—Z of Print

In print, we have some unusual words. Some of those can be found here. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, just call us up. We know our lingo!

  • A
    Our In-house designers will provide you with a print ready artwork file. Typesetting and design are second nature to us.
  • b
    Comb, wire, plastic, spiral plus perfect, Canadian, half Canadian, Swiss, PUR, saddle stitching… there are many possibilities and various techniques we can use to achieve a brilliant finish.
  • c

    Integral to most projects we have equipment to crease and fold in even the most intricate designs.
    Corporate merchandise

    Working with trusted global and UK manufacturers we source the right product at the right price, ready for your branding ideas.
    Find more promotional products

    Want to join us? We’re very lovely. Email us.
  • d
    Die Cutting
    Don’t want a normal shaped item? We don’t blame you! Die cut your piece into beautiful and unusual shapes.
    Want a smaller run at a fraction of the cost of the litho equivalent? Want it quicker? Digital is the way forward.
    Display Graphics
    Need something printing on wood? No problem, display graphics is what you need.

  • e
    Raise the stakes (and your chosen design) but embossing text or logos to make them stand out, literally. Embossing applies pressure to the item which then makes the design stand out in relief.
    From a small 1 metre x 1 metre stand area to large scale graphics on a building exterior, we can handle it. Take a look at our extensive range here.
  • f
    Facilities Services
    Minor decoration to complete refurb, find out more about here.
    Flatbed printing
    On a width of 2.5 metres wide and infinite length (our machine also works as a roll fed printer) we can create amazing large format prints on material, wood, metal, Foamex, vinyl, glass and many more substrates.
    From pretty to functional and security, we can foil in so many different colours and finishes. Should you require a sample colour swatch give us a call or email us.
    Functional leaflet folding or Turkish folding for invites, maps and letters, we have many options available.
    Floor Graphics
    Durable and most people look down, think about the advertising area you can use on a floor!
  • g
    Cut with millimetre precision we have all the relevant machinery to trim your job to perfection, see our plant list here.
  • h
    Hot Foil Stamping
    Application of foil to a sheet or item applying heat and pressure.
  • i
    From large format graphics to buildings or sites to wrapping vehicles large and small. We also install full exhibition solutions.

    We treat our clients as individuals and each project as a new challenge to create a beautiful piece of print.
  • j
    Stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group who created the standard. Seen most often with the .jpg or .jpeg filename extension is a commonly used method of compression for digital images, particularly for those images produced by digital photography. The degree of compression can be adjusted, allowing a selectable tradeoff between storage size and image quality. JPEG typically achieves 10:1 compression with little perceptible loss in image quality.
    Job Bag
    Each job we produce has a “job bag” which has a unique number and includes details of the print, the stock, the finishing, design instructions and after the job has been completed, copies of the job inserted.
  • k
    Kiss Cut
    Delicately cutting through stock but not through to the backing to create a shape that can be peeled off, usually in labels or self-adhesive stock like vinyls.
  • l
    Various different finishes can be achieved with gloss, matt, silk and soft touch laminates. It can make a product more durable and produce a great finish.
    Various different finishes can be achieved with gloss, matt, silk and soft touch laminates. It can make a product more durable and produce a great finish. Find out more.
    We’ll faithfully reproduce your brand to your guidelines or instructions but if you want a new look, we can design a snazzy new one for you as well.
  • m
    We can mount various medias to create a beautiful finish, self adhesive vinyl to Perspex or direct print onto surfaces up to 50mm thick, the choice is yours.
    Direct print to magnetic materials for a magnetic and movable print solution.
    From a small bespoke project to a large scale marketing campaign, we can personalise and create the perfect piece for your client list. Need us to fulfil the project? No problem.
  • n
    We can sequentially number documents so each document has a unique reference, ideal for receipts, invoices, luggage tags, mailings and many more printed options.
  • o
    Files used to create plates, screens or pads for printing. If you don’t have the expertise to create these in the required format then we can help. Our people are specialists in this area.
  • p
    The print industry standard for colour. We use vegetable based pantone inks because we’re good like that.
    We can produce packaging prototypes and we’re great with ideas.
    Plant List
    Here’s a list of all the technical stuff about our machines and the equipment we use.
  • q
    Quarter Binding
    Two different materials used on one cover with a quarter ratio.
  • r
    We can route (pronounced rowt in case you’re thinking sat nav) materials such as wood, metal etc. or delicately kiss cut vinyl for labels on our Summa Cutter. We program the cutter guides so almost any shape is achievable.
    Method of correlating overlapping colours on one single image. There are many different styles and types of registration, many of which employ the alignment of specific marks.
  • s
    Contrary to the description, this actually means stapled. Nothing to do with stitching.
    Summa Cutter
    Our cutting table will cut various materials and various methods. It has interchangeable tooling which provides us with a wide range of cutting capabilities.
    We do everything we can to preserve our environment, read about it here.
  • t
    Got a really large file to send us? Fear not, send it via our website, see the link at the top, and we’ll let you know when we’ve got it.
    This is a finishing technique used on books, pads, banners and various other items we produce.
  • u
    UV Inks
    The type of inks that don’t fade, they’re really robust and they have great colour reproduction. Our large format, flat bed printer (the really big one) uses these inks and they’re cured with a UV light so they’re really colourfast.
  • v
    Visual Magnetics
    Visual Magnetics is the creator of the patented large-scale graphic system that matches magentic-receptive technologies with the highest quality print media-empowering brands to create dynamic in-store experience that can be effortlessly updated. Read more here.
  • w
    Window Graphics
    Self explanatory really, we also do floor, ceiling and wall graphics… obviously.
  • x
    A type of printing using wooden blocks. We’d love to say we do this but we don’t. We just couldn’t think of anything print related for X. We can print wooden blocks though.
  • y
    Yupo Tako
    Yes, it’s unusual one. Tako means Octopus in Japanese. The new YUPOTako material sticks to flat surfaces due to its micro suction structure. It uses no adhesive, leaving no sticky feeling residue and yes, we’ve printed on it.
  • z
    A concertina design fold for brochures which can be designed and folded in different ways.

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