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The environment

Many clients believe that in order to be green it’s going to cost a premium. Since 2003 Gpex has been an ISO14001 accredited firm. This means that we have been actively working to reduce our emissions and as a result put in place measures that have not only reduced our impact on the environment but have also reduced our overheads.

As an ISO14001 company, our environmental commitment extends to the solutions we deliver. From low power consumption digital printing equipment to vegetable based inks in our printing presses. Our standard paper materials are all FSC stock.

ISO 14001:2004

A sustainable commitment to Environmental Management ensuring a responsible relationship with both local and global environments. You can download our Environmental Policy here.


As an approved FSC certified printer we are pleased to supply print on the full range of accredited paper. We utilise the Transfer Control System for FSC Mix and FSC Recycled products in categories P7 (P7.1 Notebooks, P7.2 Pads, P7.3 File Folders, P7.5 Post and greetings cards, P7.6 Envelopes, P7.7 Gummed paper, P7.8 Adhesive labels) and P8 (P8.1 Books, P8.2 Magazines, P8.3 Newspapers, P8.4 Advertising materials, banners, posters, P8.5 Business cards, P8.6 Calendars, diaries and organisers).

Gpex is an environmentally friendly manufacturer. We actively promote our green credentials through the following policies:


We actively promote the use of FSC papers. Gpex is committed and fully supports those responsible forest management practices that both protect biodiversity and ecosystem integrity and result in long-term social and economic benefits to human communities.

Two Sides: We support the campaign to dispel some of the myths surrounding the use of paper and its environmental impact.

We utilise vegetable based inks and are working to reduce and eliminate the use of chemicals in the production process.

Printing for purpose

Due to the nature of printing, historically it has been the view that printing more is beneficial to reduce the unit cost. However, with the introduction of modern presses and the latest digital equipment we are able to deliver a product that suits your requirements. We can identify cost effective and appropriate printing methods to conserve natural resources and limit waste. All waste paper is recycled at Gpex. All metal and chemicals are also collected and recycled by approved contractors.

Local sources of service

All our main suppliers are local to our production facility in Gerrards Cross. We actively source local companies to work with providing they meet our high quality standards.

Gpex has always taken its corporate and social responsibilities seriously. In 2007 we were carbon neutral to help in the increasing need to reduce our carbon footprint.

The following initiatives are some of the ways we have reduced our emissions:

  • Installed power-factoring units to regulate our electricity
  • Use vegetable based inks
  • Use biodegradable washes
  • Use of FSC papers including recycled papers when possible and actively promote them to customers
  • Reduction of alcohol solution in our presses from 10% to 0.5% and continuing to work towards zero
  • Recycle all waste papers, plates and chemicals through approved, licensed and regulated companies.

Carbon Reduction Policy

Gpex is committed to minimising the contribution it makes to climate change of its products and services though the continuous improvement of its production, recycling and recovery systems. The company is working to achieve the full carbon balancing of the company within practical time scales.

In particular the company will:

  • identify, monitor and manage direct and indirect emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. These include those created by energy consumption at each stage of the print production process and in offices and warehouses
  • review its business travel and logistics arrangements with its customers and suppliers to minimise the number of required journeys
  • aim to minimise waste produced by our activities and increasing the amount of waste that can be recycled or reused
  • investigate the feasibility of purchasing energy from renewable sources and where practicable, introducing them into the company
  • work to achieve a reduction in carbon
  • work with suppliers to identify and limit emissions attributable to products and where practicable help them to develop low carbon product options.
  • will introduce policies for offsetting carbon (or equivalent) emissions of its products and services. These will be in addition to carbon reduction initiatives
  • will review this policy annually.
  • Managing the carbon emissions is a long-term commitment for Gpex that will only be realised through a step-by-step approach using the best available techniques, technologies and information at each stage.

Gpex is committed to the following CSR principles:

  • We manage our business with pride and integrity.
  • We are committed to full legal compliance in all that we do.
  • We aim to provide a safe, fulfilling and rewarding career for all our employees.
  • We actively assess and manage the environmental impacts of all our operations and have publish our environmental policy on our website with details of recycling and other initiatives.
  • We will further develop our standing as a responsible business in the community.
  • We will benchmark and evaluate what we do in order to constantly improve our competitive edge in the Marketplace.
  • We will continually benchmark and evaluate what we do in order to improve our CSR performance.

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