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Visual Magnetics®

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Gpex is proud to be an authorised print service provider of Visual Magnetics’ Revolutionary Surface Design for Walls.

Visual Magnetics is the creator of the patented large-scale graphic system that matches magnetic-receptive technologies with the highest quality print media – empowering brands to create dynamic in-store experiences that can be effortlessly updated.

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Their flagship product, the Visual Magnetics Graphic System®, uniquely solves the problems of traditional printable magnets with a patented, magnetic-receptive media option.

Until now, retailers have had to accept costly shipping and labour intensive installations as the industry standard for changeable graphics. The Visual Magnetic Graphic System eliminates all of those frustrations with low-profile packaging and the ability to be installed by in-store personnel, in addition to being fully recyclable.

The Visual Magnetics Graphic System is transforming the way that brands roll out in-store campaigns. With all of the effort and attention to detail that leading retailers put into creating the perfect image for an in-store graphic, the final result deserves to be nothing but flawless. Finally, there is a graphic system that delivers perfection where it matters most – the point of purchase.


Magnetic receptive media utilises the technology of coating the highest quality films with micro-iron particles.

Unlike printing directly on magnets – which are typically thick, difficult to print on, and limited in size and image quality – magnetic-receptive media is significantly thinner, smoother and more flexible, allowing for photo-quality graphics to be printed.

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